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Are you on the lookout for a new IPTV box ?

The choice can be overwhelming. Here are the best IPTV boxes for you.

Searching for a new IPTV box can be overwhelming with so many options available. Popular choices include Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, but it’s worth considering lesser-known options like MAG boxes as they may better suit your needs.

We’re going to help you cut through and make sense of it all. Here are the seven Best IPTV boxes in 2023.

Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV is considered the best-in-class for IPTV set-top boxes that run on Android. It’s a versatile device suitable for cord cutters and has additional features such as being a Plex server, gaming console, web browser, and Chromecast. It has high-performance specs including 4K HDR playback at 60FPS, an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB or 500GB of storage. The main downside is its cost, making it less practical for multiple rooms in a house.

Fire TV Stick 4K

The newly improved 4K version of the Fire TV Stick is now a strong contender among the best IPTV set-top boxes. It requires the use of a third-party Android IPTV app, such as Perfect Player, which is a popular choice among the community. The Fire Stick also allows running other TV streaming apps, making it a great option for those who want flexibility without the high cost of the Nvidia Shield TV. Additionally, it has Alexa-enabled, 8GB of storage, Bluetooth headphone compatibility and the option to connect to your router via an ethernet cable with an adaptor.

Formuler Z8

The Formuler Z8 is another high-cost IPTV set-top box that is worth considering, it is based on Android like the Shield. It offers some improvements over its predecessor, the Z7, such as a gigabit port for fast connections and a new MyTvOnline app for browsing electronic program guides (EPGs), a fresh user interface and a newly-designed glow-in-the-dark remote. However, it has some limitations such as the lack of native installation for Android TV versions of other streaming apps like Netflix or Plex, and playback resolution is limited to 480p, the interface does not scale well, and crashes are common according to user reports in various forums.

 Infomir MAG322 W1

If you only want to watch IPTV and don’t need to run apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, a MAG box like the MAG322 may be a more practical choice. Unlike other IPTV set-top boxes, MAG boxes run Linux and cannot run Android apps. They are designed to provide a traditional cable TV experience. The MAG322 has features such as HEVC support, 3D video support, 512MB of RAM, 512MB of flash memory, and a MIPS 4KE dual-core processor. However, it does not support VPNs or subtitles, and if you use illegal IPTV streams, be aware that Infomir has been blocking portals recently.

The Dreamlink T2 is a small-sized IPTV Android box with strong EPG functionality and the ability to install non-streaming Android apps. It has 8GB of storage capacity which is comparable to some of its top competitors. It supports maximum resolution of 2160p and has ports for Ethernet, HDMI, and USB. It also has a microSD card slot which is becoming less common on high-end IPTV boxes. However, the device has only 1GB of RAM which may not be enough power to compete with the best-in-class Nvidia Shield TV.

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