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To enter the IPTV industry, you can purchase a panel such as the OTT Platinum panel, which offers various capabilities.

OTT Platinum

IPTV Reseller

OTT Platinum Reseller

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With antifreeze technology, we make sure your weekend entertainment is 100% interruption free.

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We strive for your satisfaction. Get your order delivered within 30 minutes of payment confirmation.

Become IPTV Reseller

Are you looking for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars? (IPTV resellers do).

IPTV Reseller

What is meant by IPTV Reseller?

When you become IPTV reseller with ott platinuml  you get IPTV Panel to create and sell IPTV Subscription to your  clients, through your IPTV Panel you can create

1 Month , 3 Months , 6 Months & 12 Months IPTV Subscripotion

IPTV reselling prices restrictions


As an IPTV Reseller, you have complete freedom to set your own pricing for clients. IPTV is in high demand as it allows users to stream live TV, movies, and TV shows on any smart device with an internet connection.

How does IPTV panel work?

The IPTV Reseller panel utilizes credit points to activate IPTV subscriptions. These points are necessary for the functioning of the panel.

IPTV Reseller Plan

OTT Platinum IPTV Reseller Price

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